hi, I'm Jaimie.

I'm a yoga teacher, a zero-waste striver, a food-obsessed mostly-vegan, a maker of herbal beauty concoctions, and a professional singer/actress. I have always been a lover of the natural world and am constantly striving to live in better sync with it through my daily habits and choices.

where are we?

Welcome to The Moonbeam Club! This space was created to meld together my deep passions for holistic health and harmony with the earth, and to provide a resource for others looking to stretch in those directions. Here you'll find tips and tricks for cutting down on harmful chemicals, enriching or beginning your yoga/meditation practice,  reducing waste, and sneaking more mindfulness into your moments.

why "The Moonbeam Club?"

One of the recurring themes of my experience in yoga teacher training was seeking balance. Through Ayurveda, asana (poses), meditation, pranayama (breath work), mantra, and astrology, we were given tools to pacify overabundant elements and bump up those that were lacking. My personal imbalance tends toward a dearth of coolness/ease/softness (moon energy) and a surfeit of fire/effort/action (sun energy). The moon is associated with nurturing, emotion, gentleness, and feminine energy. It has a deep impact on our world, governing tides, regulating menstrual cycles, affecting plants (weeds are easier or harder to pull during different phases of the moon), and influencing human behavior (think "lunacy," "lunatic"). The waxing and waning cycle of the moon is also a handy visual aid for death and rebirth, for the fluctuating states of fullness and emptiness we can tune into in the natural world and in our lives. On my journey toward wholeness and balance, the moon is my medicine. And the more I bathe in its beams and learn about it's profound powers, the more fascinated and besotted I become! 

what's Moonbeam Cream?

I am super-duper passionate about the ingredients and ethics of the things I put in and on my body. The skin is our largest organ, and it's incredibly absorbent. Consider nicotine and birth control patches, which take advantage of the reliable absorption route the skin provides. It’s a gateway to the bloodstream, reaching every cell and tissue and organ of the body. This is especially pertinent to things like lotion, which we apply all over and don’t rinse off right away. Over time, toxins taken in through the skin can accumulate in the liver and potentially contribute to health problems. With many conventional products, we’re also washing nasty chemicals into our waterways, contaminating habitats and water sources for creatures large and small. Finally, packaging waste takes a massive toll on the health of our planet. Every bit of plastic ever made still exists (!!!), and even widespread recycling and the use of bioplastics don’t do much to solve the problem. 

So, I started making my own stuff. And it was so good, I couldn't keep it to myself!

Enter Moonbeam Cream, an all-purpose moisturizing cream made from just a few pure and effective natural ingredients. Since I've been making this product for myself and my dear ones, I've noticed such a profound improvement in the health and suppleness of my skin. It's also the only moisturizing product I need, which is economical and ecological and all-around lovely. Extra bonus: 10% of profits will go to an environmental or human rights charity (TBA). Give a click to the shop tab up above for more information.

more questions?

If you have a request for a topic you'd like featured on the blog, a physical concern you'd like some help addressing through yoga, or a question about something you've read here, drop me a line at jaimie@themoonbeamclub.com

Thank you for bringing your energy and light to this space!


(photo by Lauren Monet, logo by Rare Press)